The Ciudad Blanca research center (CICB) is located at the El Aguacate military air base, kilometer 225, municipality of Catacamas, department of Olancho.

The CICB was designed with a jungle environment so that the visitors can experience an environment as if they were in the archaeological site “CIUDAD BLANCA”.

The Research Center is divided into 3 areas;

Research Center Museum: Visitors will find an exhibition of the original archeological pieces discovered in Ciudad Blanca, accompanying this archeological exhibition they will also be able to appreciate a wide variety of specimens of the flora and fauna that exist in the area.

Scientific Laboratory: Visitors will be able to observe how the team of scientists carries out the analyzes and studies of the samples taken from Ciudad Blanca, using tools and special technology for this work.

Archaeological Warehouse: All rescued archeological artifacts and pieces are transferred from the Ciudad Blanca to the Research Center where they are stored in adequate spaces for further analysis and studies.

Research Center

Research Center Museum


Archaeological Warehouse