Song – Kaha Kamasa

/ The Lost City

Composed and performed by María María

Director and Producer: Javier Suazo

Kaha Kamasa – Ciudad Blanca

/ The prophecy is fulfilled

A historical encounter, an emotional journey into the depths of the jungle to regain the memory of an ancient civilization.


Kaha Kamasa – Ciudad Blanca

/ A time travel

In the middle of the Biosphere of the Rio Platano, one of the most important archaeological findings of the 21st century was made: Ciudad Blanca.

Let’s travel with explorers to this ancient lost city.


Kaha Kamasa

/ A treasure in the jungle

A society unknown to us that flourished in the Honduran jungle, then disappeared leaving a trail of mystery behind it.

Let us know more about this civilization lost in time.


Kaha Kamasa

/ A high price gem

The wealth hidden by Kaha Kamasa, the mysterious Ciudad Blanca, goes beyond its archaeological treasures.

Let’s find out more about the riches of this mysterious region.


Kaha Kamasa

/ The first international missions

The importance of Kaha Kamasa is recognized by prestigious scientific institutions around the world.

Let’s travel with them to the heart of the Honduran jungle in search of the mysteries of the Ciudad Blanca.


Kaha Kamasa

/ The Honduran scientific mission

The work of Honduran scientists stands out in the investigations carried out at the archaeological site of Ciudad Blanca, these include multiple branches of science.

Let’s follow the amazing findings that these scientists have made.


Kaha Kamasa

/ Nature’s treasure

The biological wealth of the Mosquitia jungle surprises scientists who explore the area of Ciudad Blanca.

Let’s discover with them part of the magnificent flora and fauna that inhabits Kaha Kamasa.

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